There’s nothing like a professional facial to make your skin feel fresh and look bright. At Rejuvenate Skin & Wellness Center in Federal Way, Washington, medical aesthetics specialists Shaista Quddusi, MD, and Irfan Ansaril, MD, along with an expert team provide a variety of medical-grade facials to revitalize, hydrate, and detoxify your skin. To find out more about which procedures are right for your needs and aesthetic goals, call the office for an appointment, or book online today.

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What makes professional facials unique?

Facials offered at Rejuvenate Skin & Wellness Center provide true nourishment for your skin. During a professional facial, a technician cleanses, clarifies, and moisturizes your face and neck in ways you just can’t achieve with over-the-counter products at home.

During a facial, your technician applies a gentle cleanser to your skin. They then exfoliate and massage the tissue. This helps rid your pores of impurities and encourages greater blood flow.

Your facial ends with the application of specialized, organic products formulated to address your specific complexion concerns.

Master aesthetician, Sharon, provides this 45-minute luxury experience as soon as local regulations permit in-person connections.

What types of skin concerns can be addressed with a facial?

A facial works immediately to give you glowing, radiant skin. Professional facials also offer the benefits of:

  • Detoxification
  • Clarification
  • Revitalization
  • Hydration

Facials can also temporarily ease uneven texture and soothe irritated skin. You experience deep cleansing of your pores to create a clearer complexion.

What types of ingredients are included in facials and masks?

Sharon tailors the ingredients used during a facial according to your skin type, skin complaints, and the overall goal of the facial. If you’re looking for a facial that revitalizes and detoxifies, she may choose products that contain natural ingredients, such as honey, green tea, papaya extracts, and sugar cane extracts.

Lumisque, a CO2 mask, is a great way to rejuvenate and bring clarity to your skin. This mask can be combined with our other treatments, such as microneedling, DermaFrac. The mask is designed for at-home use to maximize your treatment results.

If your goal is to clarify your skin, Sharon may include products containing ingredients like salicylic acid and antioxidants from wild and sweet cherry extracts and cascarilla bark. Talk to the experts at Rejuvenate Skin & Wellness Center about exactly which ingredients are right for your skin type, skin concerns, and desired outcome.

How often should I have a facial?

Even one facial can revolutionize how your skin feels and looks. Achieve lasting results from facials by committing to them monthly. This compounds the benefits of the treatment, so your skin looks and feels its best for months to come.

To experience the skin-boosting benefits of a professional facial for yourself, call Rejuvenate Skin & Wellness Center and set up an appointment, or use the online tool to schedule.